Catherine Yael Serota

Performing Member

Catherine Yael is a native of Asheville and spent much of her life in Western North Carolina– most recently in Waynesville. She is a product of a private Catholic girls’ academy education and degrees granted by 5 public and private universities: UNC-Asheville, Mars Hill University, UNC-Greensboro, NC State University, NC A&T University, and the Seminary at Beacon University, encompassing programs from concert piano, 20th Century European History and Political Science to Counseling and Theology. Catherine is a lifelong learner currently enrolled at ETSU to study Appalachian heritage and storytelling in spring 2020. She is celebrating her 48th year as a deliverer of human services, presently as a community mental health therapist in Johnson City. A singer of blessings and liturgy at her Shul, she is expanding proficiency in Hebrew and Yiddish and plans to serve the Israeli Defense Forces through the Sar El volunteer program in spring 2020.

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