Evelyn Edwards

Performing Member

After many years of teaching elementary school,
Evelyn Edwards was retired and needed something to do. She made a phone call and talked with Dr. Sobel at ETSU who gave her good advice and welcomed her to take a storytelling class. Thereafter, there was one storytelling class after another, and by 2020 she amassed the required courses and earned a certification in storytelling. (With two graduate degrees in education, she did not pursue the ETSU storytelling masters.)

She joined JSG in 2020 and became a performing member in the summer of 2021. What a wonderful experience storytelling with the guild has been!
She has concluded that storytelling people are friendly, encouraging, and the kind of people everyone wants as friends!

Evelyn likes to tell stories to children and adults. She is always amazed when she looks at an audience of either grown-ups or youngsters because of their responses to stories. It’s magic to be telling a story, looking at the expressions of listeners, and to realize they are ready to hear what you have to say!

She enjoys volunteering with CASA, Sullivan County Imagination Library, teaching children at church, and naturally, volunteering at the Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough. Evelyn hopes to take classes in Appalachian Studies at ETSU sometime in the near future.

She would also like to be involved in storytelling projects in area elementary and secondary schools. “I am proud to be considered a performing member of Jonesborough Storytellers Guild,” she said. 

email:   [email protected]
phone:  423-3848-6266