Joining the 
Jonesborough Storytellers Guild

We have two kinds of active participation membership - Performing and Supporting.

Both groups of members are important and essential to the operation and success of our Guild.  
Supporting Members do not tell stories in JSG venues or at official JSG events.

Performing Members are available to tell on a regular basis in the Guild's public performance venues and special events.  They comply with the policies and code of conduct as outlined in the Guild's Performing Member Guidelines.

All members are entitled to:

✔ Attend meetings and exercise voting privileges
✔ Hold offices and serve on committees and special projects
✔ Free admission to regular weekly performances of Stories 'n More*
✔ May bring one guest to regular weekly performances of Stories 'n More * 
     * Free admission is for regular weekly performances of Stories 'n More only. 
        Special events require regular admission fee unless attending as a performer or worker.

Any Supporting Member wishing to become an Apprentice progressing to a Performing Member of the guild should refer to the
"Steps to Becoming a Performing Member of the Jonesborough Storytellers Guild"


***  Application for Membership

1.  Click above link to open and print the form

2.  Fill out form and attach a membership fee check for $30 payable to JSG

 3.  Mail to: 
         P. O. Box 996
        Jonesborough, TN  37659

(Note:  If joining after September 30th, membership fee will include current year and next year)