Joy Salberg

Performing Member

Joy Salberg aka Joy the Braided Teller Joy’s personal voyage has brought her from the tenements of the Lower East Side of New York, to the Edenwald Housing Projects in the Bronx, to the rocky shores of eastern Long Island, to the gulf coast of Florida---and to the gentle hills of Jonesborough, Tennessee. She has been a teacher, a job coach, a union leader, a musician, an actress, a hiker, a ballroom dancer---as well as a wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Mix this full life together---with passion, perseverance, love and wonder---with a dash of laughter and a sprinkle of tears---and Joy has taken on her new life’s role as The Braided Teller.

Joy has a Masters Certificate in Storytelling at ETSU. She has studied with Elizabeth Ellis, Doug Lipman, David Novack, and Shonaleigh Cumbers.

In Florida, she has performed at Tellabration, and at the Florida Storytelling Festival. In Tennessee, she has performed at the NSF Festival Swapping Grounds, Walter State College, and the Umoja Festival in Johnson City; she tells regularly at the Story Slams in Johnson City and at the Crumley House.

Joy loves to tell inspirational stories of hope and love---and of belief in the future (fairy tales, folktales and personal tales from her varied and full life). She believes that all is possible. “If you believe it, then it will be.”