Previously Recorded Zoom sessions March - June 2021
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March 16, 2021 
Access Passcode:  G=6xP2Sc  

Saundra Kelley (featured Alumni )
Fox Oliver, Guerry McConnel, Judy “Butterfly” Farlow

March 23, 2021
Access Passcode:   $*t5RTv0

Wendy Gourley, (audition performance)
Judy “Butterfly” Farlow,  Judy Donley,  Delanna Reed

March 30, 2021
 Access Passcode:   Jw!5H%ab

Joy Salberg , Featured teller
Molly Catron,  Pam Miller,  Betty Ann Polaha

April 6, 2021
Access Passcode:    !w%UwZ3Z

Bruce Montgomery ( Featured teller )
Guerry McConnell,  Fox Oliver

April 13, 2021
Access Passcode:    b0%Cf=ZN

Judith Donley ( featured teller)
Linda Poland,  Pam Miller,  Judy “Butterfly” Farlow

April 20, 2021
Access Passcode:       &[email protected]

Marjorie Schaefer ( Guest teller)
Joy Salberg, Betty Ann Polaha, Wendy Gourley

April 27, 2021
Access Passcode:    QpO09*sK    

Steven James (Featured Teller)
Tama Lunceford,  Molly Catron, Delanna Reed 

May 4, 2021
Access Passcode:    eBG0E87*

Guerry McConnel  (Featured Teller)
Tony Marr, Judith Donley,  Joy Salberg

May 11th, 2021
Access Passcode:    .nR1!&W+

Tama Lunceford, (Featured Teller)
Judy “Butterfly” Farlow,  Betty Ann Polaha,  Linda Poland

May 18th, 2021
Access Passcode:
   [email protected]

Delanna Reed, (Featured Teller)
Leticia Pizzino, Fox Oliver, Steven James

May 25th, 2021
Access Passcode:   03BZD5X$

Saundra Kelly, (Featured Teller)
Guerry McConnell, Tony Marr, Judith Donley

June 1st
Access Passcode:  
6l*[email protected]

Betty Ann Polaha (Featured Teller)
Leticia Pizzino Fox Oliver Joy Salberg

June 8th
Access Passcode:  g90$NmCL

Linda Poland (featured teller)
Tama Lunceford Delanna Reed Judy “Butterfly” Farlow

June 15th
Access Passcode:   %+Eu4fgR

Molly Catron ( Featured teller)
Tony Marr, Joy Salberg, Wendy Gourley

June 22nd
Access Passcode:    P7.7C+uD

Judy “Butterfly” Farlow ( featured teller )
Steven James, Fox Oliver,  Betty Ann Polaha

June 29th

Access Passcode:  @[email protected]
Tony Marr,   Linda Poland,  Molly Catron,  Guerry McConnell,  Delanna Reed