In 1988 TELLABRATION!™ took place across Connecticut, thanks to the vision of J.G. Pinkerton and collaboration with the National Storytelling Association, now NSN.

The hard work of a volunteer network - 14 producers, 35 storytellers, and 102 production staffers made the events happen! More than 1,000 story listeners enjoyed that evening's performances.

In 1990, participants and audiences continued to grow as J.G. collaborated with the National Storytelling Association (now National Storytelling Network) to make the evening a nationwide event. Working together, they succeeded in firmly establishing TELLABRATION!™ as a coast-to-coast celebration.

Since then, TELLABRATION!™ sites have joined hands around the world. In past years over 160 sites spun stories to thousands of story listeners. And TELLABRATION!™ has expanded to include a weekend of storytelling that builds appreciation and advocacy for the art form at storytelling centers, colleges and universities, schools, museums, libraries, performing arts centers, elder hostels, and even on trains and planes!

Delanna Reed

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