Zoom sessions recorded from the Jonesborough Storytelling Resource Center or McKinney Center
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July 6, 2021 
Access Passcode:  N6kM^^r+  

Pam Miller  (featured Alumni )
Judy “Butterfly” Farlow,  Molly Catron,  Fox Oliver

July 20, 2021
Access Passcode:   5t#bXte8

Delanna Reed ( featured teller )
Judy “Butterfly” Farlow, Judy Donley, Betty Ann Polaha

July 27, 2021
Access Passcode:    yJ0.0!HD

Judith Donley ( featured teller)
Linda Poland,  Pam Miller,  Judy “Butterfly” Farlow

August 3, 2021
Access Passcode:       1R7&4EwR

Pam Miller( Guest teller)
Judith Donley,  Bruce Montgomery,  Tama Lunceford

August 10, 2021
Access Passcode:    W0FP4*%I    

Steven James (Featured Teller)
Tama Lunceford,  Molly Catron, Delanna Reed 

September 21, 2021
Access Passcode:   ^6P+a*sc

Delanna Reed  (audition performance)
Judy “Butterfly” Farlow,  Judy Donley,  Tony Marr 

September 28, 2021
 Access Passcode:   1f99$pcL

Fox Oliver (Featured teller)
Betty Ann Polaha, Linda Poland,  Evelyn Edwards

October 12, 2021
Access Passcode:    &5=$.cd4

Linda Poland ( Featured teller )
Judy Donley, Molly Catron,  Evelyn Edwards

October 19, 2021
Access Passcode:    Wh!AZC4=

Betty Ann Poloha  (Featured Teller)
Evelyn Edwards, Wendy Gourley, Bruce Montgomery

October 26, 2021
Access Passcode:    M6RQdSp$

Tony Marr  (Featured Teller)
Judy “Butterfly” Farlow,  Steven James, Pam Miller

November 2, 2021
Access Passcode:

Wallace Sheally  (Featured Teller)
Letticia Pizzino, Judy Donley, Delanna Reed

November 9, 2021
Access Passcode:   uN*w?S*8

Wendy Gourley (Featured Teller)
Judy "Butterfly" Farlow,  Betty Ann Polaha